Thailand’s Elephants, Rapids, Monkeys, and Mayhem

Monkeys are everywhere is Southeast Asia, and well fed they are. En route to our white water rapid adventure we stopped at a temple just so all the tourist on the bus, including us, could fed them some more. Though you would probably have to bring a pizza for the monkeys to be impressed. The hordes of free roaming primates had their pick of snacks, and if what they wanted wasn’t already lying around, they had no qualms about taking what ever they wanted. Best keep a close watch on your valuables.

Elephants, on the other hand, are held in captivity, chained by the ankle.
A pachyderm ride was included in a white water rafting adventure, and though I was excited to be up close to an elephant, actually riding them had me conflicted.

They didn’t seem to be treated poorly, and I am sure our weight isn’t substantial enough for these treks to differ vastly from a horse back ride. These animals were actually chained by they ankle, however, and the guides use a metal hook to train and control them. We made sure to supply treats for our four legged friends, but I am not sure I would do this again.

The actual rafting, and the slider were a hell of a time, though. The video will attest to that!