Peru ’05

Way back in January of 2005, some friends invited me on a trip to a place I’d never been, but always wanted to go – Peru!

So I started that new year off in Cuzco, at ten thousand feet of elevation, surrounded by alpacas and the Andes. And I had a pretty sweet stache!

Machu Picchu was our main goal, but we took our time getting there.

There was altitude sickness in Cuzco, a random parade at a town in between that ended with a bull fight, bus rides, and getting split up on the final train to Aguas Calientes.

Doing yoga at sunrise on the towering terraces was a life goal of mine.

So we took the evening’s last train into town, woke up at 4am, and made the final ascent under the cover of night. We managed to be the first to enter that ancient city that morning. However, there was no sunrise to be seen through the shifting sheets of fog. I carried on with the ceremony anyhow.

By the end of the day we’d managed to make it all the way to the temple of the sun, the highest peak overseeing the city.

From there Mandy and I took it a step further, and went looking for the temple of the moon down the backside of the spire. We found heavily over grown trails and two archeologist. Who claimed they were clearing areas that had yet to be seen.

On the way back to Aquas Calientes, Mandy and I were running out of water, and energy. We had to ration the last few sips, and nap on the trail.

We also managed to make it down to see the Nazca Lines, another life’s goal.

Sandboarding a sea of dunes was something I had never imagined doing, but if I had known it existed, I would have put that on the list of life’s goals as well.

Here we are, more than a decade later, and I am still checking off the list.

Writing takes a lot of time, so I try to make the photos speak for themselves. Plus there’s a video.