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Hero Holiday

The weekend started out with a ritualistic blood-letting ceremony, sort of. Nicole and Courtney have been on my case for weeks to take one of their test to determine my blood type. Finally, I gave in, and let them take my blood.

Then Saturday was silks at Etsy Fest, and playtime at the Brewer Pool. They have a diving board.

And it turns out pools look really cool from above. I actually drove round trip from WLR to Sherwood, TWICE, just so I’d be able to fly the drove over this pool.

Saturday night was spent at Dogtown Sound watching a show and singing karaoke.

Sunday was for skateboarding.

And Monday was back at the pool with the drone. If you’d like to see the whole thing in motion, there is a video below.

Ups, Downs, and Live Music at Dogtown Sound

This Thrashin’ Thursday started off at Kanis Skatepark, skating with an old friend. Meaning, not only is he also in his forties, but we have skated together since we were teenagers.

Then I went over to Riverview Skatepark to meet up with the young guns. It was another fun session, but I wound up skating alone most of it. The squad is still in school, and couldn’t get down there before I had to head out.

My mom and I stopped in at the Trav’s game to see my cousin throw out the first pitch. He is suffering from cancer, and dealing with chemo. Still, he managed enough strength to get the ball across home plate.

Then it was back to Patio in Park Hill. Where several friends had booths. My artist buddy Jake Jackson had some of his beautiful birds on display. And my favorite yoga sanctuary, Blue Yoga Nyla, was there spreading the love.

There was also incredible live music from several local artists. Dazz and Brie are always inspiring to watch. They have the drive and potential to really make something out of their music. Then we closed the evening out with a performance from the Brian Nahlen Band. They even did a Beatles number where Ado got to play his electric sitar. It was a great day, and you can relive it all with the video below.

Just Another Story

This weekend was my first opportunity to try out my new Lululemon mat, and I put it through the ringer at BYN during Stacey’s Strong Detox class. This mat took on buckets of sweat in stride. It kept it’s grip, and even seemed to absorb a good deal of the moisture. I was impressed enough to reexamine my position. Hence the titles of the vlog, and blog.

Then Maddy and I played at Two Rivers park until it was time to head to Sam’s yoga class at seven. We found a huge picnic table that was begging for acrobatics.

Our initial intention was to slackline, but we wound up playing on the table more than anything. Since I do have a slackline workshop coming up at Solar Flux in June, we put in a little time on the line. I needed a promo photo for the event, if nothing else.

Then, on Sunday, I wound up slacking with Nicole anyway. And we even had an opportunity to do a little teaching. Nicole is a natural at both.

Have a look at Episode 5 if you want more of a recap for the weekend. Thanks for stopping by either way.